The Agency Owners' Buy/Sell Workshop

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Spiral Bound
254 pages


Second Wind Members


Determine your agency's value, how and when to retire, and how to secure valuable employees by offering them ownership. Plus, learn what to do if you are approached by another agency to sell, and how to approach an agency you want to buy. 

Contents Include:

  • Agency Valuation: What is your agency worth? 
  • Ten steps to a smooth retirement: Strategies to consider even if the date is five years away 
  • Keep valuable employees through equity offers 
  • What to do if someone approaches you about selling 
  • What to do if someone approaches you about merging 
  • Buy another agency 
  • Deal with a roll-up 
  • Take your agency public

Plus: Valuation worksheets you can use to assess your firm's value!

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